Where to Go Dancing in Boston – Partner Dancing Venues

If you enjoy Latin Jazz, Salsa, and Ballroom dancing music, like to express yourself through the dance movement, and would want to join a dancing community in Boston area, then read on…


I can recommend quite a few dancing places in Boston where you can learn how to dance, and also enjoy some pure partner dancing at a beautiful and friendly venue. By the way, we are talking about partner dancing that does not involve grinding, or bumping into some obnoxious drunks you can see in the clubs near the Boston Common, and else where.

Social Dancing Venues:


If you enjoy a classy ballroom dancing scene and want a fun place to dance on Friday Nights, Champions Dance Sport Club of Boston by Judit Gaspar is the place to be! It’s a spacious venue with lots of friendly people of all skills and levels to dance socially with. It’s only $10, which is quite affordable, especially for Boston, and if you are a MASSABDA member, it’s only $8 to get in. A real steal! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ryles has Salsa and Ballroom dances on Saturdays at 9pm. You can also get to learn some basic dance steps starting at 8pm Ryles Jazz club in Cambridge, MA. The entrance is usually $15.00 per person, but it is well worth it if you are there to dance. They also have a bar should you get thirsty from all the Salsa, Swing, Cha-Cha, and Rumba dancing.

Supershag is a Ballroom dancing studio in Waltham, MA. They are the people behind Ryles Salsa dance party on Saturday nights. They genuinely love dancing and are very welcoming. Their Friday Night Ballroom dance parties start at 8pm with a complimentary lesson. They also have dance performances during their dances.

If you are interested in learning ballroom dancing, Dance Fever Studio in Newton, MA – offers group and private lessons in International Latin / ballroom dancing. These are competitive dances that have a lot of structure, and can be a lot of fun. If you happen to be Russian, you will be pleasantly surprised by how many Russian people you will get to meet there.

I have taken dance lessons at Dance Fever, and I think it may be a good place to learn. I would probably also explore Salsa venues and swing/jitter bug venues if you like the oldies:)

A bit about the dances:

Ballroom dancing is pretty structured in terms of fundamentals of movement, and partner dancing based on lead and follow techniques.

Salsa dance has a lot more freedom, less structure and can be very fun to dance as well. It is a very rhythmical Cuban dance that also has a lot African influence. It is not strict in terms of what you do on the dance floor, as long as you are on the beat, so there is a lot of freedom.

Ballroom dances can also be free-styled and tweaked to a point, once you develop good leading / following skills to fully enjoy it…

There are also university organized salsa dance clubs. I am pretty sure that MIT and Harvard have Salsa dance classes that are also open to the public.

Dance Fever Studio in Newton may be a more costly, and a more structured way to learn, but it may also be a short cut in terms of becoming good in a shorter period of time, especially if you are interested in competitive dancing.

If you like Swing and Jive dances then it is also a part of ballroom dancing as well as tango, samba, waltz e.t.c

MIT Ballroom Dance Club and MIT Ballroom Dance Team (two separate organizations) have some kick-butt socials throughout the year. MIT also has many smaller dance clubs like social ballroom club, salsa club, jazz, tap, hip hop, you name it. You can Google them if any of these catch your interest.

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