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Here are a few Valuable Tips on Finding a Dance Partner…

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1. Do not waste your time looking on ballroom site bulletin boards and their partner searches or classifieds. I’ve had over 250 people e-mail me what a horrible experience they’ve had through them. According to the reports, most of the people listed have actually been looking for relationships, turned out to be no where near what they claimed, or were “psychos”. I have also, as of yet, NEVER heard of anyone successfully finding a partner this way. Below are the two most proven successful methods.

2. For Ballroom dancing Professionals seeking Professional partners – go to EVERY competition in your region, even if only as a spectator. With a little ingenuity, you can find out who the various studio owners and judges are, introduce yourself and explain your dilemma. These days it seems that professionals, coaches and top studio owners make the decisions and introductions of potential dance partners for their instructors, and it is becoming a more common trend for teachers to respect their coaches/studio owners’ “suggestions” of a partner. It also gives you a possible chance of seeing the potential partner in action, and possibly meeting them to discern their worth. Judges at these comps, especially bigger comps, are usually VERY well informed on who’s looking for a partner, and if you can make an impression on these folks, you are in like flint.

3. For Amateurs seeking Amateur partners – Second best suggestion is follow #2 above. Best suggestion is to contact your local United States Amateur Ballroom Dancers Association – USABDA. They often list competitions, and studios in your area, which you will have to visit. By going to EVERY group class in your level in your reasonable area, you not only get to see potential partners in action, but you can also meet, and interview them on the spot. Plus, you get the bonus of learning from many perspectives, which will at least improve your dance even if you don’t find a partner right away.

Finally, when you seek a partner, be very EXPLICIT!!! Make absolutely sure you explain very clearly what you are looking for, what you are truly able to commit both time wise and financially, and especially what your precise goals are. I’ve seen many couples have HORRIBLE break ups (some which were career damaging) after a year or more of investing thousands of dollars, and hundreds of practice hours just because they didn’t take the time in the beginning to ensure all the above goals and desires matched. I hope these were helpful, and wish you much success and luck.

Christopher Pilarchik – 12 Year Professional – Ballroom Bliss

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