5 Unexpected Benefits of Ballroom Dancing – We Bet you had No Idea!

Have you been watching the new sizzling season of Dancing with Stars, and wondering what it would be like to try out ballroom dancing? Now is the perfect time to jump in since popularity of ballroom dancing is on the rise, with many dance studios offering ballroom dance programs and workshops that attract people of all ages, and with very different backgrounds and goals. More people are discovering that ballroom dancing can be a lot more than just sexy, impressive dance moves. It is proving to be a highly versatile dance form that offers a wide range of awesome benefits. Whether you are a beginner who has never stepped on the dance floor before, or a professional dancer, trained in another style, giving ballroom dancing a go will surely be a rewarding and fun experience.

If you have been thinking about signing up for a ballroom class, or are considering signing your child up, check out these five not-so-obvious benefits of ballroom dancing:

Great social and cognitive development benefits for children

While you may think that signing up your child for a ballroom dance class will be a great way to add physical activity into their routine, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that ballroom dancing offers a few other major benefits that may not be readily apparent. Unlike solo dance styles such as ballet or jazz, the requirement to dance in a pair in ballroom, teaches children a whole new set of invaluable skills. These include such social skills as improved communication and increased self-confidence, as well as cognitive skills such as, increased attentiveness and improved creativity in problem solving. Children who do ballroom dancing on a regular basis also enjoy noticeable boosts in energy and improve their coordination. All of these skills actually enable kids to be better students at school, and to be well socially adjusted in their peer relationships.

Children as young as three years old can start attending a ballroom class once a week. In recent years, ballroom dancing has become an extremely popular medium for boys, and the demand for professional male dancers is on the rise. So if you have a boy, you do not need to be concerned that he will be singled out and lonely in a ballroom dance class. In fact, many studios are now experiencing quite the opposite, with more boys than girls singing up for classes. Also, if your child is already taking another dance class, do not hesitate to suggest they try ballroom as well. Many kids love the cross training and experience marked improvements in both dance styles as a result.

Keeps you body fit and healthy at any age

If you are looking for a fun way to stay fit, ballroom dancing is a nice alternative to exercise that delivers serious results. Ballroom dancing is not only great for cardio, it is actually a whole body work out, which is something you will surely notice once all the muscles in your body will ache after attending a class. Out of many physical activities, dancing is one of the top five, and is a highly effective way to loose weight. It is second to only running, with an average adult burning between 200 and 500 calories during an hour of dance, depending on the intensity of the workout. Ballroom dancing also helps improve flexibility and posture, which is something many people who sit crouched behind their desks at work all day struggle with. Moreover, dancing helps strengthen muscles and build bone mass, which can help prevent osteoporosis, an issue that is particularly important for women to work on preventing.

Relieve stress and improve your mood

Whether you are stressed out after a log day at work or in school, ballroom dancing can help you unwind. Dancing helps the brain release endorphins into your system, these are feel good chemicals that will almost instantly make the blues and the tension go away. This means that even a half hour of ballroom dancing after work will help you balance out your day, and keep you from falling into negative feelings of stress related anxiety, or depression.

A no-pressure way to meet people and socialize

These days many of us are overworked and over-committed, making it hard to find time to meet new people and socialize without feeling pressured, shy, or awkward. Ballroom dancing is a wonderful way to get out of your shell and expand your circle of friends in a low-key, safe environment that encourages socializing. If you are a beginner, you do not need to be worried about not having a partner, as many people do not, and you rotate partners during class anyway. This means that you will have the pleasure of meeting and dancing with many different people. Because of its lively music, fun and engaging atmosphere, ballroom dancing classes are also a great pastime for senior citizens, many of whom are very eager to get out and socialize. So whatever your age or personal circumstances are, you will have an enjoyable social experience at a ballroom dance class.

Expanded work opportunities for professional dancers

In a highly competitive professional dance industry, dancers who are cross-trained have a major advantage, and actually get hired. While there are plenty of outstanding jazz, ballet, hip-hop dancers, etc. very few can do any style, including ballroom. As a result, they loose out in the market that demands versatility. This means that if you are already a professional dancer, or are considering this career path, it could benefit you greatly to gain some exposure to ballroom dancing. While it may not come easy to you at first, and will require some adjustments on your part, the vocabulary and understanding of the ballroom rhythms will be an invaluable asset, and a step in the right direction in your professional dance career.

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